ELISA von-Willebrand-Factor-Propeptide

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Von Willebrand factor (vWF) is synthesized in endothelial cells and megakaryocytes as pre-pro-vWF. After various posttranslational modifications and cleavage of the signal peptide, the propeptide (vWF-PP) is also cleaved off by the protease furin in the trans-Golgi-system. A non-covalent complex of vWF and vWF-PP remains stored in Weibel-Palade bodies (endothelium) or in α-granules (megakaryocytes). Activation or stimulation of these cells will release the complex. VWF and vWF-PP are then metabolized differently. While vWF has a half-life of approx. 12 hours, vWF-PP is metabolized with a half-life of only approx. 2 hours.


The molar ratio of vWF-PP to vWF can be used as an indicator for the degradation of vWF. An increased ratio of vWF-PP / vWF indicates increased clearance of vWF. These are found in various patients with congenital vWF deficiency, but also in acquired vWF syndrome. An accurate knowledge of the clearance of vWF may influence the choice of therapy, in particular the need to administer vWF concentrates. Increased levels of vWF-PP or an abnormal ratio between vWF-PP and vWF may also be caused by activation of the endothelium or platelets.


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