Rivaroxaban Level Determination

Calibrators and controls now available

Rivaroxaban (Xarelto®) is the first available direct Factor Xa-Inhibitor. It inhibits selectively and reversibly both free and in prothrombinase complex bound Factor Xa. The advantages of this substance are found in the oral dispensing form and the well predictable pharmacokinetics and anticoagulation. According to the manufacturer dose regulation and routine monitoring is consequently unnecessary.

However, in case of compliance control respectively by overdoses a quantitative activity determination may be necessary. That requires a suitable routine and automated test application.

Now CE-marked calibration- and control plasmas are available that with COAMATIC® Heparin, a widely distributed and in praxis since many years reliable anti-Factor Xa-method makes the determination of Rivaroxaban possible.

Test package

Chromogenic method for anti-Factor Xa-determinationCOAMATIC® Heparin1 Kit41708

Calibration plasma Rivaroxaban

For calibration by determination of Rivaroxaban in low and high range with chromogenic anti-Factor Xa-methods.


0 to ~150 ng/ml

5 x 1 ml5090170
CAL High Set
0 to ~500 ng/ml
5 x 1 ml5090171

Control plasma Rivaroxaban

For quality control by determination of Rivaroxaban with chromogenic anti-Factor Xa-methods.

Control plasmas in 3 different concentrations (~50, 150 to 300 ng/ml).

low5 x 1 ml5090172
medium5 x 1 ml5090173
high5 x 1 ml5090174

Measuring Rivaroxaban activity

Use of a well established chromogenic anti FXa method