Rapid assay for the determination of ADAMTS-13 activity

Semiquantitative results of ADAMTS-13 activity within 30 minutes

Thrombotic-thrombocytopenic purpura (TPP) is a life-threatening disease that needs a fast diagnosis and initiation of adequate therapeutic regime. If ADAMTS-13 activity is below 10%, together with an appropriate clinical setting this is highly indicative of TTP. 


Determination of ADAMTS-13 activity can also be useful from the differential diagnostic point of view: the hemolytic-uremic syndrome shows similarly but typically involves normal or only mildly reduced ADAMTS-13 activity. 


TECHNOSCREEN® ADAMTS-13 Activity is a semiquantitative flow through assay for the determination of ADAMTS-13 activity levels in human citrated plasma. This assay is intended as a screening tool for estimating ADAMTS-13 activity.








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