Determination of Factor XIII activity

New Iso Peptidase based assay for the Ceveron s100

Factor XIII is the proenzyme (zymogen) of a glutaminase, which is activated by thrombin. The active factor XIIIa covalently crosslinks thealpha- and gamma chains thus stabilizing the fibrin network, which develops after the thrombin mediated cleavage of fibrinogen. Heriditary deficiency of factor XIII is very rare. Acquired deficiency can be immune mediated or due to increased consumption or reduced synthesis.

Factor XIII activity assay based on its isopeptidase function is used for the automated, quantitative determination of Factor XIII activity in citrated human plasma on the Ceveron s100. The limit of Detection is 0,8%. Further information of the assay you can find here:

Technofluor Factor XIII


  1. Leitner, M.; Büchold, C.;Pasternack, R.; Binder, N.B.; Moore,G.W. Clinical Validation of an Automated Fluorogenic Factor XIII Activity Assay Based on Isopeptidase  Activity.Int. J. Mol. Sci.2021,22,1002.

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