Molecular mass 440.000 Da
Synthesis e.g. liver, endothelial cells, fibroblasts
Half-Life 24 - 72 hours
Plasma concentration 300 mg/l
Normal range 150 - 720 mg/l

Fibronectin (cold-insoluble globulin) is found in plasma and in the extracellular matrix. The fibrillary glycoprotein is composed of two peptide chains that are connected by a disulfide bridge. Binding sites for heparin, fibrin/fibrinogen, collagen, von Willebrand factor and cell adhesion domains are localized on the molecule. These domains are necessary for the function: Fibronectin mediates cell adhesion to components of the extracellular matrix via cellular receptors. Cellular growth and wound healing are accelerated. When fibrin is formed, fibronectin adheres to fibrin and is covalently linked by cross-linking by factor XIII.

Clinical significance

In the cold, fibronectin is co-precipitated with fibrinogen (cold-insoluble globulin). Fibronectin is also responsible for the precipitation of factor VIII and von Willebrand factor in the cold and for the formation of cryoprecipitates in certain diseases.
Acquired fibronectin deficiency can be caused by altered synthesis and / or increased consumption, e.g. by liver diseases, asparaginase therapy, consumption coagulopathy, post-traumatic, post-operatively and sepsis.


  • Marker for the compensation ability of an organism in:
    - Septic shock
    - Consumption coagulopathy
  • Differential diagnosis of malignant diseases (elevated levels of fibronectin in malignant ascites)


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