Classification Humanized bispecific antibody of the IgG type
Molecular weight

App. 145.000 Da

Production Genetic production
Function Emicizumab binds to both Factor IXa and Factor X and mediates the activation of Factor X to Factor Xa via Factor IXa. It bridges the activated Factor IXa with the Factor Xa and thus mimicks the cofactor function of FVIII.

Clinical Significance

Emicizumab is used as a routine prophylaxis to reduce or prevent bleeding episodes in patients with hemophilia A and factor VIII inhibitors and in patients with severe haemophilia without factor VIII inhibitors. It can be applied to all age groups. (as of December 2020)
The bispecific antibody restores the function on factor VIII, whose activity is reduced or completely absent in hemophilia-A-patients. Since emicizumab imitates the cofactor activity of factor VIII, it thus acts as a factor VIII mimetic.


  • Bleeding complications despite calculated adequate substitution
  • Preoperative level determination


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