Factor IX


Synonym Antihaemophilic Globulin B,
Molecular weight 55.400 Da
Synthesis Liver
Half-life 18 - 30 hours
Plasma concentration 3 - 5 µg/ml
Normal range 70 - 130%

The vitamin K-dependent factor IX is activated by factor XIa from the intrinsic system and by the tissue factor/factor VIIa-complex of the extrinsic system (Josso-loop). Factor IXa with factor VIII as cofactor, phospholipids and calcium ions forms the tenase-complex on which the activation of factor X takes place.

Clinical significance

Hereditary factor IX deficiency is passed on X-chromosomally recessive and is defined as haemophilia B. Its course and symptoms are comparable to those of haemophilia A. However, the course of the disease, in which spontaneous bleeding may occur, is somewhat milder. An acquired factor IX-deficiency occurs as a result of vitamin K-deficiency, liver disease, asparaginase therapy and DIC. In substitution therapy formation of inhibitors against factor IX can be observed in 2-4% of the patients.


  • Suspected haemophilia B
  • Monitoring of substitution therapy in haemophilia B
  • Suspected inhibitor formation against factor IX
  • Factor IX determination in factor IX-concentrates


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