Synonym α1-Proteinase inhibitor
Molecular mass 53.000 Da
Synthesis Liver, monocytes
Half-Life 5 days
Plasma concentration 1 - 1.3 g/l
Normal range Activity: 100%

The inhibitor is mainly responsible for the inhibition of the activity of PMN-elastase in plasma. About 90% of the elastase in plasma is inhibited by α1-antitrypsin. Although it also inhibits various other serine proteases, as e.g. thrombin, factor XIa, trypsin and activated protein C (APC), α1-antitrypsin is of no significance in the coagulation system.

Clinical significance

Reduced concentrations are observed in patients with sepsis or multi-organ failure as well as in some genetic lung and liver diseases. As an acute phase protein, increased concentrations of α1-antitrypsin can be determined is some situations. Inherited deficiency may cause liver disease and lung emphysema at an early age.


  • Control of sepsis and multi-organ failure
  • Monitoring of the elastase-inhibiting potential
  • Screening of newborns for α1-antitrypsin deficiency


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