Training seminars play an important role in many laboratories. This is a measure that supports the staff qualifications as well as improves their competences. Also considering that accreditation of the laboratories demand quality management systems, that furnishes proof of the implementation of training measures in order to sustain the qualified knowledge of the laboratory staff members. 

Haemochrom Diagnostica is since more than two decades specialized in haemostasis and endotoxin diagnostics. In this area our staff members have many years of experience. They partake worldwide in important scientific congresses in order to take part of new knowledge and developments. Within the framework of training seminars we offer you the possibility to draw on their experience. We offer you a wide range of training seminars:

  • Regional Workshops for laboratory technicians
  • On-site educational sessions in your laboratory
  • Laboratory technician Seminars in connection with the DVTA and the GTH
  • Round Table Symposia on current themes in the haemostasis diagnostic

Due to an ISO-certified training system you may feel confident, that the content of our training seminars are up to date. We are pleased to make the scripts from the seminars available to you.

Subject range for the laboratory technician seminars:

  • Introduction to Haemostasis
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  • New anticoagulants
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  • Lupus anticoagulant and Anti Phospholipid Antibody Syndrome
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  • Haemophilia and its Diagnostics
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  • Endotoxin Detection Methods
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