Factor XIII


Synonym Fibrin stabilizing factor
Molecular mass 320.000 Da
Synthesis Liver, megakaryocytes
Half life 8 days
Plasma concentration 2 mg/l
Normal range 69 - 143% or 0.69 - 1.43 U/ml

Factor XIII is the proenzyme (zymogen) of a transglutaminase, which is activated by thrombin. The active factor XIIIa covalently crosslinks the α and β chains thus stabilizing the fibrin network, which develops after the thrombin-mediated cleavage of fibrinogen. The thrombus is thus protected against a premature lysis. At the same time, factor XIIIa mediates the binding of the plasmin inhibitor (α2-antiplasmin) and fibronectin to fibrin. Factor XIII is found in plasma, in thrombocytes and certain tissues (e.g. placenta). In plasma factor XIII is present as a tetramer (A2B2), in which the active site is localized within the A chain.

Clinical significance

Hereditary factor XIII deficiency is extremely rare. An acquired deficiency is observed as a consequence of hepatocyte dysfunction and during asparaginase therapy. In addition, consumption and loss coagulopathy, sepsis, leukemia and acute venous thromboembolism can induce a factor XIII deficiency.


  • Impaired wound healing
  • Suspected acquired factor XIII deficiency (consumption and loss coagulopathy, postoperative bleeding, liver disease)
  • Suspected hereditary factor XIII deficiency (impaired wound healing with abnormal scar formation, cerebral and soft tissue bleeding and bleeding into joints)


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