Synonym Fletcher Factor
Molecular mass 100.000 Da
Synthesis Liver
Plasma concentration 35 - 50 mg/l
Normal range 50 - 150% or 0.5 - 1.5 E/ml

Prekallikrein is the inactive precursor (zymogen, proenzyme) of kallikrein. After activation of the intrinsic coagulation system, prekallikrein - with participation of high molecular weight kininogen - is bound to negatively charged surfaces. Factor XIIa then activates it to kallikrein. In turn, kallikrein in a positive recoupling mechanism activates factor XII to factor XIIa.

Clinical significance

We differentiate between the hereditary deficiency, which occurs extremely seldom, and the acquired kallikrein deficiency. The acquired deficiency can be caused by interference of synthesis (serious liver disease) as well as by an increased consumption (e.g. DIC, septic shock, nephrotic syndrome).


  • Impairment of the kallikrein system
  • Suspected hereditary prekallikrein deficiency
  • Prolongation of the aPTT of unknown reason


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