Synonym VTN
Molecular mass 78.000 Da
Synthesis Liver
Plasma concentration 250 - 450 µg/ml
Normal range 70 - 130%

Vitronectin belongs to the pexin family. It is a multifunctional glycoprotein, which can be found in plasma and in the serum of the extracellular matrix. Vitronectin supports cell adhesion reactions in the coagulation and immune system. It inhibits the membrane damaging effect of the cytolytic complement system cascade and binds various serpins (e.g. PAI-1). By forming a binary complex with PAI-1, it can also directly regulate its enzyme activity.

Clinical significance

A reduced plasma concentration of vitronectin can, for instance, be found in disseminated intravascular coagulation or degenerative liver diseases. Depositions of vitronectin are linked to atherosclerotic lesions.


Scientific investigations of different mechanisms or medical properties.


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